Project Description

October ’16  |  Toadbury Hall  |  Hartbeespoort


You don’t often get clients as creative and willing as Jeanette & Kobie.

I wanted to create a playful shoot that was a true reflection of these two. So what better way than playing in a river, throwing each other with confetti, and almost tipping over  a rowing boat.

We started of at the riverside, carefully taking some photos in the river. We than strolled in the beautiful field and ended off with the rowing boat. Despite the doggyness of the boat and the big amount of sludge in the dam, these two were willing to try anything I proposed. I can’t say we didn’t have fun.

My sister, Marina who assisted to reflect/hold and help carry all the extra’s for the shoot was very worried and anxious about all my proposed ideas I wanted to try. At one time I was on top of a ladder on a wooden doggy walkway while being 26 weeks pregnant, Kobie & Jeanette were trying to lie on their backs inside the flimsy boat in the water, and lastly my sister multitasked by throwing the couple with confetti, holding me and clenching the rope with her one foot to try and keep the boat from floating away. It was a very funny picture.

Despite all the drama, we got beautiful shots, and it was definitely worth every drop of sweat.

Thanks to the fun, willing and spontaneous couple!


jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0001 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0002 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0003 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0004 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0005 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0006 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0007 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0008 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0009 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0010 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0011 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0012 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0013 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0014 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0015 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0016 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0017 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0018 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0019 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0020 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0021 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0022 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0023 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0024 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0025 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0026 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0027 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0028 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0029 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0030 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0031 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0032 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0033 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0034 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0035 jeanette-kobie-riverside-engagement_0036