Project Description

November ’16  |  Green Leaves  |  Hartbeespoort

A Beautiful palette of pastels, silver exquisite décor, and crisp greens were only some of the elements of Peter & Elzanne’s stunning wedding.

Elzanne and Peter’s wedding was a true fairytale; Elzanne was a true replica of a princess; her fairytale wedding dress was bedazzled with gems, she arrived in a horse cart and her blond haired prince was waiting patiently at the church.  A true fairytale wedding.

Thank you for the opportunity to capture your first chapter of a new adventure.

May you have a blessed marriage.

Best second shooter: Simoné Venter Photography

Hair: The Chateau
MUA: Jo-Anne de Beer
Dress: Eurobride
Venue: Green Leaves Country Lodge
Decor & Flowers: NDW Weddings

Peter & Elzanne_0001 Peter & Elzanne_0002 Peter & Elzanne_0003 Peter & Elzanne_0004 Peter & Elzanne_0005 Peter & Elzanne_0006 Peter & Elzanne_0007 Peter & Elzanne_0008 Peter & Elzanne_0009 Peter & Elzanne_0010 Peter & Elzanne_0011 Peter & Elzanne_0012 Peter & Elzanne_0013 Peter & Elzanne_0014 Peter & Elzanne_0015 Peter & Elzanne_0016 Peter & Elzanne_0017 Peter & Elzanne_0018 Peter & Elzanne_0019 Peter & Elzanne_0020 Peter & Elzanne_0021 Peter & Elzanne_0022 Peter & Elzanne_0023 Peter & Elzanne_0024 Peter & Elzanne_0025 Peter & Elzanne_0026 Peter & Elzanne_0027 Peter & Elzanne_0028 Peter & Elzanne_0029 Peter & Elzanne_0030 Peter & Elzanne_0031 Peter & Elzanne_0032 Peter & Elzanne_0033 Peter & Elzanne_0034 Peter & Elzanne_0035 Peter & Elzanne_0036 Peter & Elzanne_0037 Peter & Elzanne_0038 Peter & Elzanne_0039 Peter & Elzanne_0040 Peter & Elzanne_0041 Peter & Elzanne_0042 Peter & Elzanne_0043 Peter & Elzanne_0045Peter & Elzanne_0044