November ’15   |  Botanical Gardens  |  Pietermaritzburg

Dinner for two:

These two joined me at the botanical gardens for a dinner for two, engagement shoot. What fun did we have!

A beautiful location, with many hidden gems!
I even came across a stunning river!!!

Can’t wait to capture Heinrich and Elizabeth’s perfect day next year!

Thank you to all the suppliers and friends who were so willing to supply decor!


Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-1 Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-2 Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-3Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-7 Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-5 Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-6 Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-8 Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-9 Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-10 Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-11 Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-12 Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-13 Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-14 Heinrich & Helizabeth-Engagement-16