September ’15   |  Family Farm |  Underberg


This is definately one of my favorite engagement shoot so far!!!! These two were so easy to photograph!

The stunning scenery helped frame the shots, however the laughter, cooler boxs and funny jokes surely contributed the most to these unique moments.

Donae en Keet, hou altyd aan om mekaar se beste maaitjies te wees.


Keet & Donae_0001 Keet & Donae_0002 Keet & Donae_0003 Keet & Donae_0005 Keet & Donae_0006 Keet & Donae_0007 Keet & Donae_0008 Keet & Donae_0009 Keet & Donae_0010 Keet & Donae_0011 Keet & Donae_0012 Keet & Donae_0014 Keet & Donae_0015 Keet & Donae_0016 Keet & Donae_0017 Keet & Donae_0018 Keet & Donae_0019 Keet & Donae_0020 Keet & Donae_0021 Keet & Donae_0022 Keet & Donae_0023