Project Description

August ’18  |  Crystal Barn Country Estate | Kwazulu Natal

An epic crazy wedding!

Firstly after I asked for a second shooter Ett Venter was crazy enough to fly down from Gauteng and join me to second shoot (for the first time ever) Yes, he has never second shot before 🙂

Well, needless to say he did a great job at second shooting. Thanks, Dude for all the effort and great conversation. I believe my journey as a photographer is sculpted though experiences, conversations, interactions, relationships and clients. Working with other photographers and service providers always gives a different perspective on how I run my circus 🙂

Ash & Brad tied the knot at my fav, Crystal Barn country venue in the Midlands.

It was a beautiful ceremony with family and friends and some tears as Ash’s Mom walked her down the aisle. One of the most beautiful reminders of her father’s presence was his wedding band sown into her dress. How stunning.

To add to this stunning moment, Ash’s dress was designed by her close friend and designer Lauren Judith Anne. How special is that?

This wedding had craaaazzzyyyy dancing. My food 🙂

I absolutely love crazy dancing, twirking and pure happiness.

Ash & Brad your gentle love for one another is evident in every image. May you two always stay each other’s soft spot.  Thank you for allowing me to capture your day.

Love T

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Venue: Crystal Barn country estate

Photographer: Tanya Strauss photography

Second shooter: Ett Venter

Dress: Lauren Judith Anne Designs

Suit: Debonairs suit hire

Bow ties: HIS apparel

Flowers: Flowers by Kerry

Decor: The wedding company

Cake: Sugar Belle Cakes

Makeup: Durban makeup by Sasha Erskine

Hair: Hair by Madz

DJ: KZN Wedding DJ, Kevin Cotton