Project Description

November ’16  |  Private Home  |  Richards bay

It’s always beautiful to see a loving family and especially loving siblings.

I visited the Odendaal family to meet their newborn son: Peter. Amelia (his older sister) was fascinated with her baby brother. Her perfect Marilyn Monroe curls and her playful toddler nature fascinated me, however as you all know nothing comes easy with a toddler. I had a blast playing trying to get the cute shots.

Thanks for the help reflecting, convincing and assisting where possible.


peter-newborn_0001 peter-newborn_0003peter-newborn_0002 peter-newborn_0004 peter-newborn_0005 peter-newborn_0006 peter-newborn_0007 peter-newborn_0008 peter-newborn_0009 peter-newborn_0010 peter-newborn_0011 peter-newborn_0012 peter-newborn_0013 peter-newborn_0014 peter-newborn_0015 peter-newborn_0016 peter-newborn_0017 peter-newborn_0018 peter-newborn_0019 peter-newborn_0020 peter-newborn_0021 peter-newborn_0022 peter-newborn_0023 peter-newborn_0024 peter-newborn_0025 peter-newborn_0026 peter-newborn_0027 peter-newborn_0028 peter-newborn_0029 peter-newborn_0030