Project Description

June ’16  |  Family home  |  Richards Bay
What a pleasure it was to photograph little Amy. Perfect in every way. I will never stop being in awe with newborns.

These little humans truly are miracles. Amy’s big brother, Luke was so helpful and good throughout the whole shoot. He has such gentle love for his little sister.

Thanks for the great shoot.


Amy | Newborn_0001 Amy | Newborn_0002 Amy | Newborn_0003 Amy | Newborn_0004 Amy | Newborn_0005 Amy | Newborn_0006 Amy | Newborn_0007 Amy | Newborn_0008 Amy | Newborn_0009 Amy | Newborn_0010 Amy | Newborn_0011 Amy | Newborn_0012Amy | Newborn_0013 Amy | Newborn_0016 Amy | Newborn_0015 Amy | Newborn_0017 Amy | Newborn_0018 Amy | Newborn_0019