Project Description

December ’17  |  St Francis Bay | Eastern Cape

What better way to celebrate your wedding than at the ocean!

Wian & Annemie got married in St. Francis Bay, Eastern Cape.Their special day was planned to a T, nothing left to coincidence. These two had so many surprise elements for the guest, like a boat cruise through the canals in St. Francis and live music by @Kaleidescope.

The groom surprised his bride with a very cute vintage Volkswagen Beatle, that scootered the couple around. The ceremony was on a lush green lawn overlooking the ocean, surrounded by the lagoon, wow! It was quite a scene!

Annemie surprised Wian with a personal voice message just before she walked down the aisle, which had everyone crying! This couple has a beautiful love for God and each other. They are intimate, kind and sincere.

May you have a blessed marriage, and may you always stay each others BFF’s.


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Venue: St Francis Point Vineyard

Photographer: Tanya Strauss Photography

Second shooter: Cara de Lange

Dress: Timeless Bridal Couture

Suit: Khaliques Sandton

Hair: Hair by Chantel

MUA: Debbie Atkinson Make-up Artist

Video: Quake Portfolios

Food: Flair catering

Band: Kaleidoskoop

Wedding Coordinator: Charles Black